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Kovan postele

Kovan postele

od 20.000,- K?


Welcome to the website of Art metal.

The objective of our company is to create gates, fencings, railings, staircases, steel constructions and various housing accessories.

We create these products from small to large-scale, upon custom order or as a batch production.

We use for all our products various materials and put emphasis on details.
A matter of fact is for us a professional consultation and a design suggestion in cooperation with an architect including a price offer that is free of charge.

Our main interests are both to meet the requirements of the discerning customers and to manufacture pieces that fulfil the function standards and at the same time accentuate particular objects and interiors with their unique design.

A satisfied customer is our main aim as well.

"We create a project to a thought"
"We provide style to each piece"

Quick contact
Contact: Artmetal
Mob.: +420 737 729 585