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Kovan postele

Kovan postele

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We design, manufacture and install standard and forged fencings to private houses, non-residential premises and other buildings.

Our fencing serves as safety as well as aesthetic accessory of allotments, grounds and gardens. These articles are designed and produced in diverse variants of construction and filling, according to the specific requirements and wishes of our customer.

The standard fencing is predominantly made of steel and stainless profiles with steel, stainless or cast-iron rods and profiles; both wood and plastic everwood profiles; safety glass and perforated sheet metals Tahokov and Metal.

The forged fencing is designed as a drawing and made prevailingly by using traditional blacksmith craft manufacturing simple modern and stylish conceptions that are in accordance with the architecture of the particular building. Thanks to the individual approach to the design and manufacturing becomes each piece an original. The basic features of blacksmith products created in such a traditional way are for instance the construction joining of individual components and details by rivets, hoops, girders and other items that create with other ornaments an aesthetically compact design of the work as a whole. A piece of work created in this traditional way cannot be mistaken for an article that is put together of the prefabricated components that can be bought wholesale. (These components are currently widely spread and characterised mainly by dullness and low price due to their machine production).

We decided to launch the sale and production of these articles for the less discerning customers, since we are a dynamically developing business that reacts flexibly to the modern trend lines and customers needs.

We use for the final anticorrosive coating thermal, galvanic or metallization zincing. For the final coating are used synthetic, epoxy and polyurethane paints of the well-known paint producers.

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